Concierge Services

Janet is more than willing to help you with your stay. If you elect this service, you can get Janet to book events for you, help find tickets to venues, go shopping, book fishing and whale watching trips or a host of other services. All information is free, there will be a small charge for booking made and shopping.

Bed and Breakfast

We do Bed and Breakfast bookings in the low season. Contact Janet ( for information


What Guests Say...

 A pot of gold at the end of a dusty track. This has got to be the most exquisite B&B on the planet. The house and gardens are a work of art. The days have been a sensory feast for us- not to mention the breakfasts. The experience has been made all the more special by your relaxed, friendly approach. Thanks Janet and Gerry for an unforgettable stay. Veronica & Dave (Scotland) Read More


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